As a family owned business we try our best to provide only the best quality gourmet food to the families in our community and around the country. Everything is made in small batches to maintain quality. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions! Contact Us »

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Soup Mixes

Easy, quick and delicious soup mixes! No matter what your flavor preference is, sweet, savory or spicy, we've got something for you! Be sure to try our award winning Cheese Enchilada Soup.

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Pastry Mixes

Delicious and easy to prepare cornbread, muffin, hushpuppy and cobbler mixes. Just add water to the mixture! For a tasty cobbler, add water, butter and your choice of fresh fruit!

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Dip Mixes

Our dips are the perfect addition to the menu on your next party or social event. Choose from our large selection of cheesy, savory and spicy mixes! You've never tasted dips this good!

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Mulling Spices

This is the product that got us started and an absolute holiday favorite! You can mix our mulling spice with apple cider, apple juice, cranberry juice, tea or red wine for a delicious spiced drink.

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Pepper Jellies & More

Our pepper jellies are sweet and tart with just a little zing of spice. Try all the flavors of our best selling product! Jalapeño relishes, sweet jalapeños and pickles are also available.

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Drink Mixers

We are introducing our newest line of products---drink mixers! Our Low Cal-O-Rita Margarita Mixes are sugar free and contain real juice. Enjoy an nice drink without feeling the guilt!

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Pepper Jellies »


Browse our selection of gourmet, deliciously prepared Pepper Jellies. We offer a variety, and we make online ordering easy. Contact us if you have any questions, or place your order for our gourmet Pepper Jellies today!

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Explore our selection of gourmet soup mixes here at Mills Gourmet. We offer a variety at affordable prices, and invite you to place an easy online order for your premium soup mix today.

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Mulling Spices
From Mills Gourmet

Mulling spices are a spice mixture of fragrant ingredients used in mulling drinks. The spices are usually used to spice hot apple cider, mulled wine, wassail, hippocras and other seasonal drinks. A "mulled" drink is a drink which has been prepared with these spices. Place your order today!

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